Thursday, July 17, 2008

Travis Victor Alexander...The Mighty Mighty Mormon Missionary

Travis Alexander may in fact be one of the most amazing people that I have ever met in my short 29 years. Seriously hands down this guy was truly remarkable. Travis had this thing about him that distinguished him from most people in this world. He was witty and full of adventure but with that he was "tight with Jesus." This guy not only believed in Christ and his Gospel but he had a relationship with Christ and God. He was never afraid to tell people about Christ, hence, his title. This is what he had called himself on his mission; The Mighty Mighty Mormon Missionary. He loved and embraced every moment of it, although when his mission was all said and done he never let go of teaching the Gospel and inspiring others to make the most of their journey in this life. This guy literally inspired every living Soul on this earth he had come in contact with. He never stopped motivating or teaching. It was his passion and he loved Christ so much that he could not stop, we have him on a old video tape literally singing to the Savior, he had the camera and came across a picture of Christ and busted out a song to him, not as a joke and not as a geek but someone who was witty and had this connection with the Savior. After recently seeing him sing this song to the Savior on that video tape, I realized that Travis got it. He got what life was about and we were only sixteen years old at that time. I believe in Christ and I believe in the plan but there is so much more to it then belief, I want what Travis had, to know the Savior, truly know him and remember him every moment of my days on this earth; as Travis did! On June 4, my dear friend moved on to the next life. In a short 30 years he has accomplished what most will never come close to. Although, Travis had been murdered and taken from this life, I know that it was his time to go. Anyone who has ever met him will testify that he comes close to perfection, an individual who completed the Journey of Life. I am so blessed to have known such an individual. Guaranteed this guy is right next to God and our Savior. Travis served part of his Mission in Colorado, where I have some relatives. I told him before he left to teach them and baptize them for me. Apparently they were playing "hard to get." Although, I am certain that he is up there right and this very moment teaching every single one of my relatives that have passed on. Travis don't worry I will do my part with them...You are as real as a they get, a true friend, hands down one of the most remarkable people I know that has walked upon this earth. I know the veil is thin I feel you all around, in the wind, as I look at the big bright moon. I love you Travis Alexander. I can't wait to see you on the other side!
Pictures above were taken back in 2006 for a get together in Huntington Beach, and then 1999. He and I had a broken heart. One day we were feeling down and out, so we decided to hit Big Bear and go Hiking. It started to rain and we apparently got a little rugged with all the mud. And though we were broken hearted we seemed to chuck those sad depressing, hating life feelings to the side for a moment and in that day we learned that life is beautiful and though we may have felt that life could not be more cruel and sad we knew that we would continue our journey in this life. Because we believed in the PLAN. We love the PLAN. And in the end happiness only lies...

Travis is characterized as a ispirational person. He was a motiviational Speaker in his career in which he was extremely succesful, he just finished a book, Raising You. A self-help book that describes his rough childhood, explaining that it is up to each of us to make our lives. Travis and I were closely bounded together in that we sort of raised ourselves in the Church and always had a connection with that. Here is just of one insightful things he as said,

"The difference between a stumbling block and a stepping stone is the character of the individual walking the path." - Travis Alexander

If you get a chance here some of the blogs that he posted with regards to his book. If you get a chance check it out you will be inspired....

Travis' Web Site
Travis' myspace

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Garden Princess Birthday

Our little girl is growing up so fast on us. Again we went all out for the big 3. Ella better live it up because other little siblings are around the corner and we won't be able to spoil her like we do now. The theme this year was a Garden Princess the little girls wore tutus and we planted some flowers, had a pinata, downed some garden fresh food, and delicious cake, Ella opened all of her one million gifts, and we enjoyed all of our amazing friends. Thanks guys for joining us and all who were there in heart. We love you guys!!!!

can I seriously not be a GAZILLION YEARS BEHIND....

My Easter Lilly bug and her cousin, Joshua in CALI we hit my parents for an annual Easter bang at Rodando Beach. It was such a beautiful day the beach could not have been more beautiful, it was surreal, one of those moments when you remember the meaning of life and the amazing experience this LIFE is......
I guess the goal is to save those moments in our minds so when we are distraught and feeling down and out we can remember such moments and keep loving the journey of life with all of it's ups and the many, many, many downs.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Oh the many place we will go...
Here's the deal.... I GRADUATED, hallelujah.
Although I am not going many places in the working world; instead we will be playing hard. We will be hittin' the beach, 7 peaks (thanks to Kayson!), thanksgiving point, riding our horse, Poca-Motion and traveling all around. My focus is surrounded around my little Ella who has endured the most for my education, for her sake we are going to party hard this summer! As far as my degree goes I will continue working JETBLUE, which is the best job ever. I feel very fortunate to have a job that allows me to work from home and allows me to visit my family whenever, especially with the scary fuel prices. It may not be the highest paying job but with all the other benefits I would almost work for free. As far as school goes I love learning, as President Bednard stated in his address to us graduates, he emphasized; the Love of Learning. It was quite ironic he was the keynote speaker being he was my Ricks College President. He is a very powerful speaker and he hit the nail right on the head for me. I love school and learning, although the stress sucks the outcome is so worth it. I am hoping to continue my education journey further more...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Your Love is BETTER than Icecream...

Happy ValentiNes Day!

I'm sure all of us have a little "Serendipity" story with our LOVES. Jamis and I met up at Sundance almost 7 years ago. The moment I was introduced to the guy I knew there was something different about him. Cheesy, I know. I called him Jamie for 2 weeks straight after that. You would think he would have corrected me but instead he just got a kick out of it and wanted to see how long I really would call him that. That's one of things I love about him, a good sense of humor. I love that he looks good in Pink; hence his shirt in the picture. I love that he is every one's best friend. Although, I do admit I get a little jealous at times. I love his blue eyes. I love that he sings in the shower at the top of his lungs. It's cool, he thinks he is going to be an Opera singer. I love that my daughter thinks he is the best thing to walk upon this earth. I love that he is excellent with children. I love that he really does think Utah is the greatest place in the world. With a particular fettish for Orem, nonetheless. I love his long hair dew and I love his short hair dew. I love that he thinks I am the finest girl he knows and I think that he's the finest boy I know! But most of all I am head over heals in love with him even with all the bad times or disagreements. Knowing what I know now, I would still do it all over again. And that my folks is what love is. Your love is truly better than icecream, better than chocolate, better than anything else that I have tried! As good old, Sarah put it.

Dedicated to my fineboy love your finegirl.

Monday, January 28, 2008

bLOg sHmOG...

One my fabulous Sis In Laws, asked why some of us are so into blogs? And it got me thinking, why do I personally have one, I obviously am not very good at it or don't keep up with it, and everthing that is somewhat cool on my blog is due to another fabulous Sis In Law...thanks Jules! But minus all that fancy smacy stuff a BLOG is COOL due to two core things and one of them is not because everyone is in to them these days. The first one is linked to journals. We are told, one of the reasons we should keep a journal is to help us regonize the blessings in our lives. Creating a post helps us like a journal to reflect on our lives which enables us to recognize those little things that make our lives so good. Second and I may only be speaking concerning myself, a blog keeps those who are unable to be a social butterflys due to motherhood, careers, living away from family and friends or anything else that seems to get into the way of hanging out. So here's to blogs or Social Journals!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

ha ha here I am......
All I have to say folks is GRADUATION. And that's what I'm going to do this April! I have been just a little busy with JetBlue, William Sonoma, School and being a Mom. I love every minute of it. In fact it is one in the morning and I just finished steam vacuuming the carpets with just a few minutes to spare to update my blog. I guess some things just got to give when your day to day is packed like there is no tomorrow. I keep telling myself once I graduate I will then be able to do all the things I need to do. Such as my blog which with no doubt allows me to reflect on the many wonderful things that I have been blessed with. So I decided I'm just not going to sleep. Just Kidding!!! Here's the deal I should have graduated before I was married and had kids right! The problem is that when I was single I loved getting ACTION and did not focus on school or took it seriously. So when you add School + Husband + Kid you get good grades and graduation. Everyone has there own course and this, somehow is working for me. So I am going to try to STOP and smell the flowers everyday and maybe update my blog every now and then.